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“The Right To Be Cold”

“The Right To Be Cold” by Sheila Watt-Cloutier will be featured in “The Canada Reads” competition March 27-30 on CBC radio. It is the personal story of one woman’s efforts to save her Arctic culture, the Arctic itself and the Planet. She has many outstanding accomplishments especially being nominated for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, was awarded the Aboriginal Achievement Award and the UN Champion of the Earth Award. Her personal story is a story about climate change and how shifting environmental conditions affected her and her Inuit people’s history. But it goes farther than that when she describes the great disconnect that has developed between our communities, our economies and our environment. She says “we Inuit are the ground-truthers of climate change; we are on the front lines of cataclysmic environmental shifts that are affecting the world, and we have observed and confirmed these changes in the Arctic for decades.” She goes on to say: “If we cannot save the frozen Arctic, how can we expect to save the rest of the planet?” 

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Reflection Fifth Sunday in Lent; Reflections on John 11: 1-45

Photo: Marie-Claire Dugas

In this Gospel reading we are to see ourselves in Lazarus and his two sisters. Jesus uses this miracle of restoring physical life to show us that, if we truly believe and trust in Him, He will give us eternal Life. Much hope is offered to us in Psalm 23, ' The Lord Our Shepherd'.

Jesus' weeping for Lazarus is not only for His love for him but for each and every one of us when He grieves over our sinfulness. We have come to know Jesus as a very merciful God. His love for us shines through His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead when He conquers death forever. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for His friends.

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Reflection Fifth Sunday in Lent, 2017

Sister Mary Ann Rossi, CND resides with four CND’s in Norwalk, CT where she is the local leader for the eight CND’s at Lourdes Health Care Center.  For many years she was part of the RI Associate group and now gathers each month at Wilton with Associates from the CT area.  

John’s Gospel’s telling of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead is a favorite of mine for two reasons.  First, Martha is a favorite of mine and it is in THIS Gospel, she proves to be a strong woman of faith in her direct exchange with her friend Jesus at a painful time in her life. It has been always easier for me to identify with Martha rather than her sister Mary. You know Mary, the one who sits at the feet of Jesus while Martha is in the kitchen making a meal for Jesus and his hungry followers!  I think that this is a genetic preference because my mother once confided in me that she was irritated with Jesus in this scene. “Mary Ann, who was going to make dinner if they were BOTH sitting at the feet of Jesus?  Mary reminds me of your Aunt Pauline who would be socializing with the guests in the living room while your father and I were preparing dinner.” 

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