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News from Visitation Province (Canada)

Visitation Province

Living with COVID-19 at deSève Residence

Towards the end of March 2020, we at deSève Residence, the seven of us then, realized that confinement would be our lot for some time. We also came to see that this could be for us a God-send, in that we would have extra time for reading, prayer and reflection. God had a plan; we would try to make it our own. We decided upon a longer period for common prayer before supper including space for contemplation. We were learning to slow down! Every Friday each of us signed-up for an hour of quiet time in our oratory. A new rhythm in keeping with our new lived experience! A source that we found helpful both individually and for prayer in common was a reading from The Making of the Mind by Teilhard de Chardin: "Above all we trust in the slow work of God. We are, quite naturally, impatient in everything to reach the end without delay. ... "Only God could say what this new spirit gradually forming within us, will be." And the months passed by - summer and fall. Throughout Advent these texts, among others, helped to keep before us the 'fierce hope' that all will be well. ... The many phone calls, texts and Christmas greetings sent by so many of you bolstered our resolve especially during those days when Françoise and Kay were infected with the virus; the other six were quarantined at home. Both Françoise and Kay were asymptomatic so their discomfort was minimal. The care received by all both at the Hotel Dieu Hospital and by our local public health services was superb. We are grateful to all as we continue on the journey, praying to remain open to "something unknown, something new." Teilhard encourages us when he writes in The Making of a Mind, “The future, however is finer than any past." Happy New Year All!

Kay Duffin, CND

Getting to the Heart of the Issue 

So many of our current crises with poverty, war and peace, human rights and the environment can be traced to an economic system that is not working for the things that matter most to us. I have been collaborating with partners from the Jesuit Forum and the JPIC offices of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Toronto and the Sisters of Providence to present a webinar series entitled, "From Crisis to Care: Reimagining Economics for our Common Home." The first event with guest speaker Marilyn Waring speaking on "Beyond GDP" will be on line January 20th from 5:30 to 7:00 [EST]. I encourage you all to register; it is a great opportunity to learn the basics on how we might organize our economy in a way that can care for all. It will build our confidence in talking about these core issues with family, friends, colleagues and our government leaders. More information is posted on the JPIC Icon on First Class. Register here:

Monica Lambton, JPIC coordinator

Water is often regarded as a commodity, something that we use. Working towards being in right relationship with water means that we aim to change this attitude. Is there an alternative economic measurement that would honour water as sacred? Sign up to the Marilyn Waring, "Beyond GDP" webinar and explore the possibilities.

A Unique Merry Christmas Wish

What a gift to us on Dec.23rd just before Christmas when twelve sisters from Toronto came in person and others in spirit to wish Denise, Marie, Helen and me a Merry Christmas through the windows of our residence. As we are restricted, we are not allowed any visitors in our building, and it has been like that since March. It was a real joy for us to see these smiling sisters singing Christmas carols and wishing us Merry Christmas. This gesture made us very happy. Thank you sisters for showing your love and care for us.

Élise Corriveau, CND



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