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My God, Bless the New Year

Denise Lamarche, CND

To all those who want to act according to their conscience, that is, by being conscious of their responsibility for the common good, by being conscientious about this responsibility, and, if possible, with a conscience enlightened by faith.

My God, Bless the New Year

Yes, Lord, time passes by

the time, no, but we pass.

Thus, it is with this song

formerly sung so many times

by my parents

and by all my siblings

that I want to pray to you.

But as you see, Lord,

already, I am changing the words

and apologize to the composer.

A while back,

everyone addressed you in formal terms.

But, I will be informal.

This makes me feel closer to you.


Thus, when I sing:

O my God, bless the new year.

I ask you to speak well of the year 2021.

I beg you to wish well for the year

which I hope will be better than the last.

Yet, you gave us 2020

as a gift.

What have we done with it?

There are misfortunes beyond our making.

Thus, we are not responsible for the coronavirus

which caused such devastation throughout this year.

But we are guilty of our whims

that made us sometimes refuse

to take precautions

which could have limited the impacts of the virus.

We have not always kept the required distance.

Like spoiled children,

if we were tired of wearing masks,

we refused to wear them…
We continued to sometimes allow

visits between grandparents and grandchildren,

gatherings with too many friends

unable to resist celebrating…

And we have complained

about the inability to go to the theatre, the cinema, the restaurant

whereas if we had thought

about those who are truly starving

we would have turned our hearts more

towards these people

from Asia and Africa,

Central America and Europe.


But, Lord, you are a God generous

with your forgiveness and your blessings.

Forgive us for the harmful pursuit of our own pleasure

which fails to seek the common good.

Yes, make our parents, our friends happy,

and the infinite bits of happiness you have left,

cast them on others:

on the planet that cries out

for respect;

on the youth waiting for a happy future;

on the elderly

who cradle their memories;

on the sick hoping for recovery;

on the poor

who you proclaimed are blessed;

on everyone

to whom you have sent your Son, the Lord Jesus,

to show them your love.


This year which we enter,

it is all yours.

It is your kindness and your generosity that offer it to us

not to merit paradise.

for you are the one who has opened the doors of paradise to us.

This new year

is a step towards paradise.

It is a step towards you who, already, has open arms for us.


So, as of now, we can sing to you:


O my God, bless the new year

and make our parents, our friends happy.

It is all yours and is given to us.

It is a step towards paradise.

It is all yours and is given to us.

It is a step towards paradise.



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