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News from Blessed Sacrament Province (USA)

Blessed Sacrament Province

From Our Leadership Team

Itinerancy is a fundamental disposition of the heart, a posture of readiness for God’s compelling claim on our lives for mission. 

Some things simply come to an end: . . . our work, living situations, life itself. There is no choice but to let go and to move forward into the unknown.

But itinerancy of the heart is chosen, cultivated. It is not an automatic posture, given the human tendency to settle into the familiar. But it is a virtue long honored in religious life. Inner itinerancy keeps us appropriately dislodged for outer movement towards the God who is coming to us from the future.

These words from “Celebrating Itinerancy” by Pat Farrell, OSF (from LCWR Update, May 2013) inspired and challenged us during our November 2-3 meeting. We invite you to bring them to your reflection and prayer as well.


The General Leadership Team has named Sr. Patricia Flattery as the CND NGO representative at the United Nations and a member of the Board of UNANIMA International. We thank Pat for her willingness to perform this important service for all of us.

Sr. Stacy Hanrahan has served in these two roles for the past seven years, and we are very grateful to her for keeping us in solidarity with individuals and groups all over the world who share our commitment to work for a more peaceful and just world and a more healthy planet.

Administrators, trustees and corporation members of Notre Dame, St. Jean Baptiste, and Villa Maria at the in-service program presented by Sr. Josephine Badali on October 26th

Sisters of Executive House at the welcome dinner for Sr. Eleanor Verrastro on October 21st

Sisters & Associates On Pilgrimage In Troyes Sept. 17-23, 2019

Ronnie: The generosity of our Canadian associates to organize and welcome us as part of their pilgrimage, and the wealth of knowledge Sister Marijke Gerretsen shared, makes “thank you” seem like such small words! Celebrating Mass together in St-Jean Church where Marguerite was baptized and touching the original baptismal font and the actual wooden stairs and banister that were saved from her family home, stirred a presence in me that was at once centering and almost breath-taking. Additionally, walking what may have been the route on Rosary Sunday to the Cathedral and then to the location where Marguerite started her school with the lucky chance to enter the courtyard behind the exterior building cowed me. I can still close my eyes and sit quietly and be back in St Jean...hoping to feel her energy and footsteps again.

Francoise: I was truly blessed to go to Troyes – the place of Marguerite Bourgeoys’s birth. I fell in love with it! I felt Marguerite’s warmth everywhere I went. She was able to go through life's struggles with the blessings of Jesus Christ and his loving Mother Mary. This pilgrimage made me realize that in this way (and many others) I have been walking in Marguerite’s footsteps.

Chris: The pilgrimage to Troyes taught me that all my lifetime experiences are but one visitation in God’s plan for all peoples. I am now more convinced that Marguerite has been a life-long companion for me through all my struggles and achievements, Marguerite is always within my entire being and my daily life. I am now firmly convinced that I am commanded through the intercession of Marguerite Bourgeoys that all my visitations are instruments of God’s love.

Associate News – Maria Cabello-Vazquez, Donna Wuhrer & Sr. Joan Mahoney

Central Committee Meeting in Montreal: In August, 21 Associates and 4 Sisters gathered at the Congregation de Notre-Dame mother house in Montreal for the annual meeting of the Central Committee of the Associate Relationship. The theme for the gathering was “Time and Transformation”. Presentations, discussions, reflections, and prayer centered around the greatest changes and greatest growth that Associate Coordinators have seen during the last five years of Associate Relationship throughout the 6 religious provinces and regions. It was reported that the greatest change/transformation during these past five years has been the loss of the presence and leadership of Sisters with our Associates due to illness, aging and moving. Because of this loss, Associates are dealing with grief and sadness in their groups. It was suggested that Coordinators have conversations with local leaders about these changes and offer support to Associates through speakers, workshops, and prayer services on how to deal with loss and grief in their lives.

Associates are moving forward together with hope and embracing the challenges before them. These challenges have presented Associates with the opportunity for growth—in using their gifts and talents more fully, becoming more involved in planning, conducting groups, and developing their leadership skills. Associates have a firm foundation on which to build and move forward. They have Marguerite’s life and example to follow and have learned well from the Sisters around them. Sisters have formed our Associates—sharing their faith, example, mission, charism, knowledge, and love. Associates will do the same with each other, with those whom we invite, and with those whom we serve…walking in the footsteps of Mary and in the spirit of Marguerite Bourgeoys!

Come and see “Marguerite” during its New York Premiere by The Astoria Performing Arts Center, Astoria NY/ and performed at The Church of the Redeemer. November 8-23, 2019.

In collaboration with The Astoria Performing Arts Center, join us in taking the production on tour in 2020. Contact Jackie Hanrahan to see how this same production of Marguerite could be welcomed in a venue near you during the 2020 Blessed Sacrament Province Celebration of the 400th Anniversary Year of Marguerite’s Birth.

We already have interest in venues from Iona College, New Rochelle; St. Jean the Baptiste High School, NYC; Notre Dame Academy, Staten Island, NY; Waterbury, CT, Rhode Island, and even the Chicago area, and Montreal for 2020.

When & Where & Tickets Now

Go to

Performances, November 8-23, 2019, at The Church of the Redeemer


Performed at 30-14 Crescent Street, Astoria, NY 11102-3249,

Produced by The Astoria Performing Arts Center (

Associate Producer: Congregation de Notre-Dame, Blessed Sacrament Province.

Join with us Sisters of the Congregation de Notre-Dame in gratitude and celebration for the woman, Marguerite Bourgeoys 1620-2020, in this new musical, Marguerite. A death-defying journey of a fearless pioneer, Marguerite is based on the life of Canada’s first female saint, Marguerite Bourgeoys. Her ever-present faith combined with solid determination helped her bring liberated women to the New World and to build the city of Montreal. With book and lyrics by Anton Dudley and music by Michael Cooper, and performed by Tony Award winner, Cady Huffman, this show will inspire with a tale of love, inclusion, and living life without walls.



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