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Intercultural workshop, Rome 2019

Sophie Mbougoum, CND, Claudia M. Juárez, CND, Maryann Calabrese, CND, Deborah Warner, CND

From January 21 to February 1 (2019) we had the opportunity to participate in the Intercultural Workshop offered by the International Union of Superiors General. Four sisters from the Congrégation de Notre-Dame along with other sisters from 45 different international congregations were present.

The variety of countries and languages represented in the meeting made evident the great wealth of experiences that exist around us and that become enriching elements for each culture.

The organizers offered us very valuable moments of dialogue and reflection during the two weeks in which we were together. Some anthropological, biblical, spiritual and psychological aspects were treated with great professionalism.

Different speakers were invited to share their varied intercultural experiences, as well as the studies and reflections they have generated.

The dynamism of each encounter led us to discover that the challenge of an intercultural experience makes a lot of sense as we seek to strengthen the understanding of ourselves and the others.

We were invited to become "bridge builders" (and maybe even more so), to build together a Home where everyone feels at home.

We come to see that God has created an inclusive community, but often sin sets us against the other person. God creates the difference; therefore, we are invited to dialogue and transform them into treasures.

One of the speakers, Fr. Anthony Gittins, went so far as to affirm that "intercultural life is the future of international religious life" and that "intentional interculturality" is a novelty for many human beings; we are invited to live it as a call of "conversion" that is born of the Gospel.

Without a doubt, every person is called to the challenge of learning the necessary skills to live in intercultural communities, God invites us to be a proposal of love and communion in the face of intolerance and discrimination that our world lives today.

We have lived two weeks full of many riches and challenges; and our chapter orientations have thrown us the call to "live the interculturality". We receive this invitation as a call from God to become "joyful announcers of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Let us walk together ... God will not abandon us!




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