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News from our Sisters in Canada

Visitation Province

Conversations of the Heart 

On Sunday, December 16th, we put our hearts into a Christmas feast of prayer and food and friendship. We were delighted to be able to share our feast with Sisters Rebecca and Catherine who just "happened" to be in the area. What a special visitation happening that was! We, of course, missed the presence of Sisters Noreen H., Bernadette and Della but I was able to bring back to Andrews a taste of the feast for them. We weren't expecting Santa but, imagine our surprise when we found, not one, but two gift bags for each of us under the coffee table. After much feasting and fun, we made plans for our next gathering and went our separate ways, looking forward to continuing to celebrate the Christmas Season with family and friends. We reminded ourselves that we were still, however, in the season of waiting, of preparing, of anticipating the coming of the "God of Surprises" who will make all things new. 


Marie at the Museum 

On Sunday afternoon people gathered at the beautifully decorated Acadian Museum in Miscouche for an annual Christmas celebration. It included two beautiful choirs, a Grade two class from Evangeline School and the magnificent Mont Carmel Choir. Island Acadian historian, Georges Arsenault gave a presentation on traditional Acadian Christmas cuisine. He said generations ago, Acadian children received a doll-shaped biscuit at Christmas, a highly appreciated only gift. The tradition lasted into 1920s. This year people were invited to make this biscuit called “naulet” and to display it for a win of the best looking one. #12 was the winner. I did not lose my vote. 

There was a craft room for the young ones. As a member of the Board, I felt I should volunteer for something and assisted there. I felt at home with the children who enjoyed making crafts before Santa’s visit. There was plenty of delicious food and a sing-a-long. 


Marie L. Arsenault, CND 


The Summerside CND Associates gathered at Marguerite Bourgeoys Centre for a delicious Christmas dinner. At each setting was a bag with Phyllis’ beautiful calendar inside. 

Why the bags? 

First, in the fall we participated in the Season of Creation project and prayer service. As part of our learning and discussion we became more aware of the plastic issue and how humans now produce nearly 300 million tons of plastic every year with much of it used only once. It will take decades or centuries to disappear, meanwhile they break up into smaller pieces which end up in the digestive tracts of marine animals and eventually affecting us. This prompted us to take a group action which was for all of us to REDUCE PLASTIC usage. Thus, one reason for a PEI manufactured cotton bag as a gift. 

Secondly, on July 1, 2019 the PEI PLASTIC BAG REDUCTION ACT comes into effect in the province. The legislation of a ban of single-use plastic bags will prevent retailers from providing single-use plastic bags to customers. The MLAs received very positive feedback as a result of this new law, particularly from youths and children. Kudos to our future generations! Another reason for a cotton bag. 

Thirdly, as CNDs and associates aren’t we called to care for our commom home? For these reasons was it not appropriate for us to gift our associates with a strong cotton bag for their usage to replace a plastic one? 

Note that the beautiful maple leaf on the bag is composed of Canadian symbols. Marie L. Arsenault, CND 


"A Visit and a Song" is a newly found inspiring reflection on the story of the Visitation. 

It describes three amazing gifts that this gospel story offers us: community, blessing, and hope. Debie Thomas, creative writer, has new ways of calling us to attention in what is a familiar landscape. As we come to the end of this Advent season, may we continue to be born anew, and missioned with the gift of LIFE in the ever so many communities we are blessed to be a part of at this time in our lives. www.journeywithjesus.netis a recommended weekly webzine for the global church. 

Nina Glinski, CND 

Best Wishes to all 

for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


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