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Listening and Seeing beyond Appearances

Congrégation de Notre-Dame

You are cordially invited to join a message campaign on fundamental human values. The messages, will be disseminated on social media in the form of short videoclips, will be available in three languages.

A short fable in which a person discovers that it's not colour or shape that's important, but what is found inside.

This animated message speaks to issues of racism as well as all forms of discrimination caused by random judgement. 

The message will be disseminated on social media by a group of partner organizations on Wednesday, September 13th. 

Become a partner in this campaign on fundamental human values

An initiative of L'Arche Canada In partnership with Jean Vanier Association

About the approach

What is the topic of this new campaign's message on fundamental values?

The first pilot message of the campaign focuses on the meaning of "listening". The second alludes to the fact that our society has not always been listening to people who were marginalized in the past.  This new message evokes the necessity to listen and to see beyond appearances. 

Why was the subject approached in the form of a short fable or a parable?

There are messages that are so obvious that sometimes detours are required to renew their impact. If I say to someone, "Stop judging by appearances," there is a good chance that the message will not be received!

This happens even if it is a universal message. Everyone knows how hurtful it is to be randomly judged according to preconceived ideas or other presumptions. We all continue nonetheless to make judgements, almost unconsciously, by forming an opinion about people or situations that we really don't know much about. 

But if I say it directly, the other person will get the impression that I'm trying to lecture them, and they will be right!

In this little story, the fact that the character allows himself to imagine the nature of people living in a house according to its appearance allows us to rediscover the message in a different way. 

More to see and read if your organization considers becoming campaign’s partner:


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