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Atlantic Religious Congregations Associate Network (ARCAN) Conference June 2-3, 2017

Joan Fraser and Frankie MacCormack

As we sat at our tables, we noticed how creatively decorated they were thanks to Anna Rowley and Sr. Norma Heffernan, RSCJ. The decorations were so fitting with the Conference theme, "Greening Our Hearts". There were rocks from our Atlantic provinces painted very artistically with green hearts. We were all encouraged to take one home as well as a red spruce seedling. The seedlings were in a basket, decorated with burlap. There were butterflies and origami stars spread around the centre of the table. It was a great start to the conference and certainly put us in the spirit of what was to come.

Sr. Dorothy Moore, Sister of St Martha of Antigonish and three Associates from the Eskasoni First Nation presented the “Prayer to the Four Winds.” We were invited to join them in turning to the four directions.

Then the facilitator, Dolores Hall, guided us with enlightenment throughout the workshop entitled “Greening Our Hearts: Christian Spirituality Today.”

Does “earthing” mean we are walking on Sacred ground? Therefore, how do we live with Spirituality? We know that the whole Bible is Intrical Christian Spirituality. Also that “Prayer 24-7 is a definite relationship with the Holy One”. We must awaken our energies of Love, with an emotional brain and an intelligent heart. We must all deal with reality, especially with sadness and sorrow, and let it grow into Hope… and Hope is a “Letting-Go” of our grievances and losses. We must never stay in the dark; we can only rest in it. We must always be grateful, be aware, pay attention and talk about it. Yes, Gratitude is the heart of prayer and our Celtic relationships awaken the energy of love which is that of Gratitude.

Yes, “Life is like a bridge!” We walk forward, crossing over, and moving from then to “Now”.

Planet Earth is our mother, and as we live inside our “Hope”, we move in “Love’s direction”. Example: Aging! Moving on, and we become better and wiser. Yes, a newness emerges and “Hope” will be fulfilled again, and again, as Love Conquers all!

Yes, we must listen with our hearts, and cry the Gospel with our life as it is all about Love and Compassion! You see, contemplation is a whole life attitude of paying attention. We are the fire with the vision of the gospel, with Love, Justice and Peace. The future enters into us, long before it happens outside of us. Ghandi once said: “Let us BE the change in life!”

A joyful closing ended with a circle of singing, while holding hands. 

ARCAN Presentation

During the Conference, Margie Gillis, Sister of Charity of Halifax, and ARCAN Spokesperson, gave a presentation about the history of ARCAN, Why a Network, Vision, Mission, Steering Committee Focus Areas, ARCAN Organizational Structure, Conference every 3 years.

ARCAN Steering Committee Members represent several Religious Congregations in Atlantic Canada: Sisters of Charity of Saint John and Halifax, Sisters of Martha of PEI and of Antigonish, CND, Mercy, Presentation, Society of the Sacred Heart.


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