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Sister Susan Kidd, CND

“Seems funny to be writing a vocation story while watching the underdog try to slay the dragon. No, not ‘The Hunger Games’ but playoff hockey. My vocation story is almost like the Ottawa Senators being in Game 6 against the first place New York Rangers. No one ever expected me to be here either!

Almost 50 years old, almost 25 years professed and praying my vocation story. The first time I was a university student and this time, I am a university campus minister. Why did I come? Why do I stay? Mystery? God’s sense of humour? A living tradition that has been, still is and will continue? Any of the above and all of the above.

It was never my intention to become a Sister. I wanted to be a Phys Ed teacher, at the Canadian Forces base in Lahr Germany, taking my students on ski trips to the Swiss Alps. But then I failed Biology AND Anatomy during my second year of Phys Ed studies at university. I went back to my high school to talk to my Gr. 10 basketball coach about being a teacher. She invited me to her home for supper – she was a Sister of the Congregation of Notre Dame.

At table in the following monthly suppers, one Sister asked if I had ever considered becoming a CND ‘No!’ Easiest question I ever answered. I hadn’t. A high school friend wanted to be a CND and I went with her for information sessions and evening retreats at the Sisters’ house. But that was for Angie, not for me.

I wanted to be a teacher like the ones I had, women who made a difference not only in my life but in the lives of many over many, many years. I think my ‘call’ began with ‘curious’ – but it is true, God uses all people and events to help us be the people of love we are called to be. I ended up going back to that Sister and asking ‘Can we talk?’ A seed had been planted and I needed more information.

It is a gradual process supper and prayer, more focused conversations one to one, weekend experiences, live-in experiences. Then came the moment when I needed more information. The only way to continue to learn was to ask to enter. God was very gentle and gradual in helping me learn. And the Sisters were also very patient with my questions. I did not see bright lights or hear voices (that would be scary!). But the more I spent time with the sisters, the more at home I felt, the more I could see myself as a Sister. God and the Congregation seemed to agree.

So now, 25 years later, I am not in the classroom anymore but continuing my life as a CND, in liberating education. Change happens quickly now. A religious life is not immune to change. Poverty, chastity, obedience remain. Community, ministry prayer nourish me. God’s grace, the lives of thousands of women who have gone before me, and young people today help me continue to say ‘Yes’.

What about you?”

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Sister Susan Kidd, CND

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