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Sister Peggy Doyle, CND

“I wish I had some very powerful tale to tell about how I got to be a Sister in the Congregation of Notre Dame. There’s always a bit of drama surrounding a person’s life once she starts telling her friends and family that she’s decided to join a religious community. So it seems as though there should be a significant ‘then I knew’ moment that I could retell over and over to satisfy those who want to know ‘Why?’ But there’s never been such a moment.

Yes, I can tell people that I made the decision to join a community rather quickly. The truth is that while I had thought about religious life for a few years (along with a lot of other things that seemed like good next things to do in life), I kind of surprised myself one spring day (while driving) because it was suddenly clear to me that I would just do it!

At the time, I had the idea that the only way I would find out that convent life was not for me was by trying it out. I would give myself a year. And I did.

That first year was many years ago. No drama. No commotion.

Simply God’s faithfulness day after day, year after year.”

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Sister Peggy Doyle, CND

[…] “I made the decision to join a community rather quickly. The truth is that while I had thought about religious life for a few years, (along with a lot of other things…”

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