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Sister Louise Breton, CND

Seeker of God

Undoubtedly, my search for the meaning of death and of life coincided with my mother’s death in 1984, when I was still in my twenties. Two years later, I lost my father. I searched at length in books, at lectures, conferences, meetings, and by any means possible, but was unsuccessful. I did not know then what I was looking for, who I was looking for. One day, a friend of mine spoke to me truthfully about God. At that same time, I became aware of all the people who, through their daily life, witnessed God’s presence in one another. My discovery of God was gently beginning and gaining meaning in my life.

This long journey had its share of high points. For example, when my friend said to me, "Louise, God loves you." it felt like I had been shot through the heart. I truly felt physical pain, as though my heart had been pierced. This divine love was beyond me. How was He able to love me, when there were times I was unable to love myself? In addition to this unexpected and inconceivable revelation were added questions (thousands of them) about God: "Who is God to love me in this way?" It took me months to recover from the shock and accept the powerful reality that we are all loved by God. It was the first step toward my new spiritual life: recognizing with all my heart that I had been chosen, that I was a child of God, I was worthy in His eyes and that He loved me. This experience of God was the foundation for what followed in my life.

Even after this exceptional revelation, it was still hard for me to accept the path that God had chosen for me, the path to religious life. I found the idea quite mad and outdated in today’s world. What was more, I was 40 years old. It was all completely unrealistic.

“I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.” was written in large letters in the front section of the parish church where I lived for a few years during the time God and I were learning about one another. From the very beginning, these words inspired me. How many times had I prayed to find my way, for guidance in truth so that I might have life. Even in prayer, the struggle was long and arduous. After struggling for two years, I finally came to accept the evidence. In order to respond to this infinite Love, I could do nothing less than give my life and bear witness to this Love within myself. During this time of learning, I discovered a God of Love and of Tenderness, a Father for whom I was a beloved child. To live in God’s Love, to be a child of God, transforms life; what I do takes on a different meaning.

This struggle gave me the certainty that following Jesus in religious life was what God willed for me, even if it was not going to be easy. After this long struggle, I plunged into a very unfamiliar world, the world of religious life. I travelled down a path to find a place where I could do God’s will and bear witness to God’s presence and Love in our world. I searched for almost a year; I visited several congregations in order to find my place. I chose the Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus. After three years, we parted ways. These events were followed by another period of questioning. Once again, I travelled, and I found my way to the Congrégation de Notre-Dame.

Yes, this road led to great joys and wonderful discoveries, but there also were difficulties and obstacles. These obstacles could have led me away from religious life and maybe even from God. Instead, I realized how it was actually deeply rooted in me. You are my rock, my fortress, says the Psalm. Even in the storm, I clung to my Rock. When calm returned, I continued on my journey, my faith strengthened and even more certain that it was God’s will. It was only his Strength that enabled me to see my way though it. I believe that God shapes me and molds me throughout these events. Without God and his support, his grace and his breath of life, all this would have no purpose. Now, I am certain God was whom I was seeking from the very start. What is and will be the most important thing for me is to stay rooted in this love, which is my foundation, my rock. I am the canal from which God’s love passes to touch the men and women with whom I form relationships through visitation.

My deepest wish is to help people get up, stand and fully experience their dignity as human beings and children of God, created in his image and likeness. Therefore, I wish to spread God’s love to all the people I meet during each of my Visitations, particularly to the poor and society’s marginalized. I have always considered education as a fundamental element to all categories of freedom. Therefore, this will be accomplished through liberating education which will free people of the chains and prisons (physical, moral, psychological, intellectual, emotional, etc.) that bind them and stop them from advancing. In fact, God is there in the most humble, the poorest and the most disfigured. God expects me to give love, to do everything I can to humanize our world and bear witness of our Father’s love. What a wonderful mission! After having been on this long journey, I can only give thanks to God for his blessings and his wonders.

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