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Every Story Is Unique


Sister Patricia Smith, CND

Sister Catherine Smith, CND

Sister Réjeanne Bourque, CND

Sister Bernadette Gallant, CND

Sister Charlotte Lockhart, CND

Sister Eleanor McCloskey, CND

Sister Simone Abass, CND

Sister Leona Smith, CND

Sister Margaret A. MacDonell, CND

Sister Helen Aboud, CND

Sister Claire Beaton, CND

Sister Louise Finn, CND

Sister Maureen Lamarche, CND

Sister Karen Kelly, CND

Sister Jaculyn Hanrahan, CND

Sister Rebecca McKenna, CND

Sister Shelley Grant, CND

Sister Kathleen Duffin, CND

Sister Cathy Molloy, CND

Sister Janet Lawrence, CND

Sister Claudia Margarita Juarez Juarez, CND

Sister Lorraine Costello, CND

Sister Susan Kidd, CND

Sister Silvia Leticia Corea Sagastume, CND

Sister Shelley Grant, CND

Sister Sheila Sullivan, CND

Sister Stacy Hanrahan, CND

Written Stories

Sister Brigitte Minkada, CND

[…] “‘I will marry the poorest man in the world. The only request I will make of him is that he love me unconditionally. Nothing else will matter.’ She smiled back at me…” [read]

Sister Bernadette Gallant, CND

[…] “I would like to be a nun so that I would be sure to get to heaven.” This was about the extent of my knowledge of nuns then and up until a very few years ago…” [read]

Sister Susan Kidd, CND

[…] “I did not see bright lights or hear voices (that would be scary!). But the more I spent time with the sisters, the more at home I felt, the more I could see myself as a Sister…” [read]

Sister Réjeanne Bourque, CND

[…] “‘Nobody will force me to enter… I am FREE… The decision is mine. Become a religious? I should! I MUST! I WILL!’ From that day to this, there has been no turning back…” [read]

Sister Peggy Doyle, CND

[…] “I made the decision to join a community rather quickly. The truth is that while I had thought about religious life for a few years, (along with a lot of other things…” [read]

Sister Marie de Lovinfosse, CND

[…] “I asked myself: ‘What do I want to be when I grow up...?’ The first thing that came to my mind was: ‘I will never enter a religious order because it’s dull!’…” [read]

Sister Tsukimi Fujiwara, CND

“I first learned about the CND from the bulletin board at Saint Ignatius Church, the Jesuit Church in Yotsuya, Tokyo. There I saw some information about a vocation retreat…” [read]

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