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Third Week of Advent: “And John preached the Good News to the people”

Sr. Marilyn Medinger, CND lives in Chicago, IL.  She is the Coordinator for the Associate Community of South Holland, IL and works with refugees at the Marie Joseph House of Hospitality in Chicago.  Marilyn invites us to answer concretely ‘Who preaches good news to me?’

After today’s first two readings of ‘rejoice and be glad’ comes the Gospel of Luke which asks ‘What should we do?’ and after giving us several suggestions Luke tells us John ‘preached good news to the people’.


I was struck by this statement which led me to ask, ‘Who preaches good news to me?’ Who makes me ‘rejoice, again I say rejoice.’ Also,

I am forever in awe of the people in my life who enrich me – who are my good news!

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Lighten your footprint and adopt a green lifestyle

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Movie: Spotlight

I found this film helps viewers to be reminded – after all these years – of the whole culture of fear, and power, and how good people just don’t speak up and speak out. We choose to not question. We choose to believe what we want to believe. The reporter is chastising the lawyer for his part in secret settlements, and the lawyer is reminding the reporter of the disbelief and ignoring of information supplied.

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