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Marguerite Bourgeoys Relic 

In early November, we received a package from the Office of Worship of the Diocese of Providence. A First Class relic of Marguerite was included with a note indicating it had been given to Father Frederick Halloran. Father Frederick’s nephew Monsignor John Halloran had saved it when going through his uncle’s things after his death. Neither Father Jeremy of the Diocese nor Monsignor John were aware of how the relic came to Father Frederick. If anyone knows anything about the history of the relic and/or knew Father Frederick, please let us know at the Province Office. I have assured Monsignor John that his uncle will continue to be remembered in our prayers.

Mary Anne Powers, CND

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What is our Status Regarding the Cause to Name Jeanne Le Ber Venerable?

Let us begin by stating that on November 23, Sister Annette Boisvert, CND, and Ms. Lise Jacques delivered four sets of documents, each totalling 856 pages, to Father François Sarrazin, the diocesan chancellor, after which they were to be sent to Rome by the archbishop of Montreal. Both these women, who work at Œuvre des Tabernacles, were given the responsibility of formatting what is known as a positio. The four sets of documents were duly stamped with the seal of the archdiocese.

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Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent

Meditation helps me practice watchful waiting or being “present to the present.” It’s not easy and doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t think I’m alone in experiencing this challenge. A friend once described her experience of meditation as feeling as though she wanted to “jump out of her skin”

I find that when I surrender to the challenge of being quiet and attentive, I do witness God’s presence. Driving back from CSH yesterday morning, I decided to be quiet, not turn on the radio, and just be present. I knew I would have 1/2 hour to sit and be. Hmmm... Should I fill the time by going to get a 2nd cup of tea? As I came to a traffic light and pulled up behind a salesperson’s car, I saw a decal that said, “Discover what you love”. I knew I needed to sit still. I opted against the tea and was delighted to find my email Advent reflections. Inspired, I want to share my gratitude in knowing Who I love and Who loves me...


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