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You said: Internationality?

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Yes, it was in all these languages that we celebrated Wednesday evening at the mother house.

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THE FOREST FIRES IN SOUTHWESTERN NORTH CAROLINA has been raging for two weeks.  Many people have had to evacuate their homes.  The air is filled with a dense smoke and the lake is being drained of its water as firefighters from all over the USA including Alaska and Puerto Rico try to contain the blaze which has spread through thousands of acres of land.  At present, the fire is somewhat contained but the drought continues to have everyone praying for rain.  North Georgia is also affected by these fires.  The Clay County fire department distributed masks to all residents to filter the smoky air.  Anyone with asthma or other breathing difficulties is encouraged to stay indoors.  Sisters Terry Martin and Margarita Castaneda are safe so far from the blaze.  We ask you to join us in prayer for the safety of the firefighters who are still here after two weeks of fighting the fires.  We also ask for prayers for the safety of the residents in the mountains and please PRAY FOR RAIN.  Thank you all for your prayers and may this Thanksgiving be a blessed one of each one of you. (photo: Sr. Terry Martin, CND)

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Remembering Sister Sheila McAuliffe, CND

Sheila was an educator “par excellence”. She had a vision of the reign of God where the potential of each and every person was realized and where each person, especially women, could make their own unique contribution to the common good. There was a unique charm and flair about Sheila. With her eye and her heart persistently focused on how to move things forward, Sheila was a determined force to reckoned with. She did whatever was necessary, whether it be to coax, nudge, advocate or, if necessary, to use all her political astuteness to help women claim their voice. Sheila’s abiding faith compelled her to reach out to others with small gestures of kindness. This was most evident in how she related to the staff of 750 Kingston Rd. and at 2 O’Connor and how they related to her. Dignity of all people was really important to Sheila, and she wanted everyone to know that he/she was loved, appreciated, and valued. She personified the meaning of justice for all.

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