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October Article for The RI Catholic

Julius Caesar summarized his military campaigns with the words, “Veni, vidi, vici.” (I came, I saw, I conquered.) Pope Francis visited us in the United States and could say the same words, He came, he saw, he conquered. There the similarity ends. Caesar achieved his goals by joining one hundred men into a Legion, sending them on a forced march to their enemies’ camps and then invading and ruthlessly plundering. Pope Francis came and won the hearts of many by love. There was neither force nor condemnation.

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Extraordinary ordinary visitation moments

I would like to share with you an extraordinary moment I had last week with Pope Francis at the Prayer Service at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. He was moving down the aisle turning and blessing people from left to right when he almost missed the little girl with cancer in her mother’s arms in front of us. I said quite audibly, “Francis, Francis the little girl!” and didn’t he turnaround and hold her close to his cheek. We were all delighted. This week’s Visitation moment was as ordinary as last week’s was extraordinary. I was bringing old newspapers to the local Animal Shelter. One of the women on duty recognized me and said, "Oh Sister, nice to see you again-come more often. We can use your smile around here". A very simple Visitation Moment. 

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