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Prayer to Celebrate Earth Day

Lilian Barrera, CND

Prayer to Celebrate Earth Day



Four candles representing the four corners of the world

Images reflecting earth’s beauty, faces of boys and girls

Container with water, small plant

North ---- water

South ----- earth

East --- fire

West ----- air

1) Silent contemplation of the symbols (instrumental music with water or bird sounds)

Think about the damage we have done to the earth. When we have hurt Mother Earth, we have hurt one another and ourselves. That is why we ask forgiveness for not taking care of the creation entrusted to us... For not being open to the breath of the Divine Ruah and letting ourselves be carried away by merely particular benefits.

After a moment of silence, we simply express those actions that have harmed our common home and our most needy brothers and sisters...

We become aware that we are 70% or 75% water and are intertwined with other elements of nature...

We light the first candle while listening to the reading of Laudato Si # 53...


2) Let us silently reflect on the question: What kind of world do we want to leave to those who will succeed us, to the children who are growing up?

Am I aware that I collaborate with God to improve our common home?

We take a moment of silence and then we share very simply, the kind of world we want to leave. (short sharing of our wishes)

We light the second candle while listening to the reading of Laudato Si # 43...


3) Let us contemplate the container with water.

We thank God for the great gift of water, for its innumerable benefits for our body and for all kinds of life.

After a moment of silence, we sing together the Song: Give us, O Lord, that water of yours (or any other appropriate song).

While we sing, we light the third candle.


4) Let us go back to the story of creation, where God is delighted with what he has created ... what he made is good, very good.

Let us rejoice with God because we are also part of this creation and because we can direct our way of life to a radical change of mentality and become protectors of this world that God has placed in our hands...

- Re-reading our reality... let us present the women and men we know and who have committed and given their lives to defending the environment and the common good.

(After a moment of silence, we mention their names)

We light the fourth candle while listening to the reading of Laudato Si I# 216…

We take a moment of silence to contemplate again the symbols that are present...

We express our gratitude...

Together we pray the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be

Final Song: Laudato Si oh Mi Señor (or a song of your choice)



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