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A Pentecost Novena: “Come, Holy Spirit” in Haiku Prayers

Louise Finn, CND


Fiery Spirit,

melt my frozen, stingy heart.

Thaw my ice-filled veins.


Prodigal Spirit,

pry open my fists, carefully

closed against your gifts.


Upside-down Spirit,

fill my overfull mind with

your foolish wisdom.


Softening Spirit,

file my brittle, edgy edges,

smooth them to velvet.


Intrepid Spirit,

stand me up when I'd much rather

crawl quietly away.


Tranquil Spirit, shut

me up when I'm starting to whine

about my aches ‘n’ pains.


Mellow Spirit, loosen

my coils when they're wound too tight,

ready to explode.


Smiling Spirit, help

me to lighten up when I'm

hung over with worries.


Living Spirit, alert,

alive, wake me up, shove me

out—to get a life!


Grieving Spirit, pierce

me with the pain of humankind

that fills your being.


Camouflaged Spirit, show

us where you hide to invade

our barred citadels.


Ravenous Spirit,

devouring every evil—

never satisfied.


Fertile Spirit, plant

deep desires in me.  Like Mary’s,

make them bear Godfruit.


Crouching Spirit, ready

to spring at helpless humans—

flood us all with joy.


Creator Spirit,

you loved me into being,

my guest-friend.  Thank you!


All-knowing Spirit,

you see right through my sneaky

plans, but, please, keep trying.


Seeing Spirit, send me

healing tears for the world’s pain,

dry them with your wisdom.


O Saving Spirit,

gallop in to rescue me,

my real, true hero.



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