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What is our Status Regarding the Cause to Name Jeanne Le Ber Venerable?

Denise Lamarche, CND with the collaboration of Sister Annette Boisvert, CND

Let us begin by stating that on November 23, Sister Annette Boisvert, CND, and Ms. Lise Jacques delivered four sets of documents, each totalling 856 pages, to Father François Sarrazin, the diocesan chancellor, after which they were to be sent to Rome by the archbishop of Montreal. Both these women, who work at Œuvre des Tabernacles, were given the responsibility of formatting what is known as a positio. The four sets of documents were duly stamped with the seal of the archdiocese.

For purposes of clarity, the Congrégation de Notre-Dame did not request the introduction of the cause of Jeanne Le Ber. It was the Archdiocese of Montreal together with Notre-Dame Parish entrusted to Sulpician Fathers. Several sisters, however, did work very hard in documenting the texts: biography, study of heroic virtues, etc.

Following Marguerite Bourgeoys’s canonisation in 1982, Sister Hélène Tremblay, CND, began procedures relative to the cause of Jeanne Le Ber. She was followed by Sister Denise Malo, CND, and later by Sister Monique Tremblay, CND. On February 23, 2015, Pope Francis signed the nihil obstat, which authorized the introduction of the cause. On that very same day, several people were assembled to celebrate the life of Sister Hélène Tremblay, who had recently returned to God.

Sister Monique Tremblay was first named vice-postulator, and later postulator of the cause of Jeanne Le Ber. As a member of the pastoral team of Notre-Dame Parish, she masterfully and diligently coordinated the large task performed by several writers. Archbishop Christian Lépine of Montreal appointed the members of the tribunal entrusted with the diocesan proceedings. Among them were: Father François Sarrazin, archdiocesan chancellor, judge and chairman; Father Gilbert Dallaire, PSS, promoter of justice; Father Yvon Lavoie, vice-chairman; Ms. Anne Marie Bragagnolo, notary-secretary; Sister Monique Tremblay, CND, postulator.

This tribunal will listen to the testimonies of sixteen persons who say they were inspired by Jeanne Le Ber’s spirituality. This will demonstrate that her spirituality and charism have spanned the centuries. The work of the tribunal will constitute one of files to be delivered to Rome. It will be presented to the Congregation for the Cause of Saints and will, with the positio, determine whether or not the venerability of Jeanne Le Ber is to be recognized.

On June 24, 2017, Sister Monique Tremblay returned to God. Even though she was not able to finish the wonderful work she had started, she left behind and in perfect order everything I needed to complete this task. In the conviction that she is now with Marguerite Bourgeoys and Sister Hélène Tremblay, I believe that heaven now has an additional advocate to promptly name Jeanne Le Ber venerable, then blessed and finally saint.

Contrary to our assumption that it would take a long time to name a Vatican postulator, Brother Luigi, FEC, was appointed only a few days after Sister Monique’s death. With Father François Sarrazin, diocesan chancellor, I had the pleasure of meeting him. It is now up to Brother Luigi to bring the case before the Vatican Congregation for the Cause of Saints.

We, the Congrégation de Notre-Dame sisters, now have the sole task of praying that the servant of God be recognized by the Church and that she be named venerable, then blessed and saint. May God allow this lover of the Eucharist to attain glory so that she may bear witness in today’s world.


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