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Sr. Beth Davies, CND, honorary Christmas Tree Lighter at Pennington Gap’ Christmas Parade

Jaculyn Hanrahan, CND

Sr. Beth Davies, CND, was the honorary Christmas Tree Lighter this year at Pennington Gap’ Christmas Parade. Below is Sister Beth’s introduction, given by the Town Administrator.

Sister Beth Davies lives up Puckett’s Creek, St. Charles, VA. Originally from Staten Island New York, she is a lifelong friend of Santa, who has spent half her life here in Lee County (that’s a lot of Christmas parades!)

Sr. Beth directs the work of the Addiction Education Center here in Pennington Gap, and is an addiction counsellor. She works very closely with the recovery community and with Dr. Art VanZee.

In addition to her fulltime work at the Center, Sr. Beth is a longtime activist for important concerns of our local community and Lee County.  Most recently, that has included her close attention to the 3 year efforts to reopen our hospital here in Lee County.

Education, Health care, and civil rights are ways that Sr. Beth tries to live the Gospel call to love God and Neighbor.   She has never met a stranger. Sr. Beth loves people. That keeps her young and being involved in the community keeps her even younger in heart.

Sr. Beth is a Catholic Sister, a member of the Congregation of Notre Dame. She has been a Sister for over 60 years. 

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