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1 Year Anniversary of Associate Pilgrimage to Montreal

Veronica Gilligan-White and Marjorie Allison-Ross

1 Year Anniversary of Associate Pilgrimage to Montreal During 35th Anniversary of Congrégation de Notre-Dame Associate Relationship 

Last week as I was preparing the themes for the July Newsletter, I received an e-mail from one of the Pilgrims from Blessed Sacrament Province (USA), Ronnie (aka Veronica Gilligan-White), reminiscing about the 2016 Associate Pilgrimage, “In the Foot-steps of Marguerite Bourgeoys.” Here are some quotes from her e-mail about her experience of the Pilgrimage.
  • “As the first anniversary of my incredible journey to Montreal for the Associate Pilgrimage, I sit here still amazed at the strength and resilience of Marguerite to stay true to her commitment and vision of Visitation. The Community of CND lives that vision and gratefully now Associates”.
  • “The creativity and spiritual groundedness of our prayer experiences and sharings in our "community room" continues to bear fruit”.
  • “To have been physically in the spaces of Marguerite creates a presence, a living energy that is humbling and energizing”.
  • “To Sister Pat Simpson, Marguerite Bourgeoys’s Footsteps and Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel is an experience of a lifetime”.
  • “To the Congrégation de Notre-Dame Sisters of the Motherhouse, thank you for welcoming us into your home and so genuinely making us feel "home".
  • “How lucky are we to be part of Visitation and Marguerite's legacy, to be part of tending to the journey, to be part of Congrégation de Notre-Dame.”
  • “I was just thinking today about asking Joan and Regina to perhaps incorporate into our second Assembly the wonderful opening from the Pilgrimage where we wrote on "daisy's" the characteristics of someone who had most influenced us....then at our wonderful closing as we were anointed on our palms and Karen read back to us as if we had grown into those same characteristics, ourselves. Powerful! and emotionally daunting. It is true those characteristics that most draws me toward someone, are the same I strive to be myself”.
  • “Collecting our name tags in a basket where we each drew a name tag as our prayer buddy for the year. What a wonderful and definitive link to each "buddy" to reinforce our community and relationship as Associates”.
  • “Thank you for making the Pilgrimage so rich in MB's spirit and memorable. I will carry the joy and learnings in my journey”.

Ronnie thanked the organizers for what to her was and is “an experience of Marguerite and community that still resonates”. I replied to her message and agreed that it was a special privilege to be a part of the pilgrimage and to have it during the 35th Anniversary of Associate Relationship made it extra special too. The people who attended and participated was what made the event so special. If any of the participants hadn't attended, then the experience of the Pilgrimage would have been different for all of us. We each brought our own unique gifts to the pilgrimage.

We thank Ronnie for her words of wisdom and remember fondly all the wonderful Associates and Sisters that we met along that special journey in Montreal. 


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