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News from Cameroon

Cathy Molloy CND

Greetings from Cameroon as we celebrate National Day - think July 4th!  Adults and students alike gather at "The Field" for "march passes" aka parades and many, many speeches.  To conclude the celebration there are traditional dances and, of course, all kinds of food for sale.  Happily, the sun is shining & no rain, no mud!  

Since my return more than three months ago, the village celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the OK Clean Water Project have been held on "country Sundays" & days when no farm work is permitted according to the NSO tradition.  These days allow for community meetings and work days.  Each village celebration had its own spirit and variety of activities that follow a basic pattern.  There are recitations by nursery school children and songs by various groups along with "sketches" aka dramas  - all with a message about the importance of clean water..  Traditional dances and a feast are givens.  In the Cameroonian tradition, gifts are presented & fowl (live chicken in a basket), potatoes, country chairs, etc.  There will be a final celebration here in Tobin in November with representatives from the OK partner villages and the OK committee in Ottawa will hold its celebration in October.  There is more info about the project here.

The library continues to welcome students, ages two (!) years to fifteen, twice a week.  With the school year ending soon older students will be coming to borrow books for the "long holiday" aka summer vacation.  Happily, secondary school students who have been coming to the library for three or more years are wonderful "assistants" helping to check books in, sign books out, reshelve books and organize games with the smallest of the children.

Sister Nina Glinski, CND has been here since the middle of April teaching a course to the candidates, helping in the library and generally doing whatever needs to be done on any given day! Nina will return to Canada in mid-June.

At the end of March members of the General Council spent time with us. Sisters Anne Leonard and Agnes Campbell spent a week with us here in Tobin.  Our annual regional meeting was at the end of their visit.

In the middle of April, my niece Susan and her daughter Lily spent ten days with me.  Lily brought two suitcases full of library books that her classmates donated.  Lily enjoyed sharing the books with the children in the library.  And, of course, they enjoyed meeting a girl with long, blond hair! After spending five days here in Tobin, we traveled to the South West Region where we stayed in an inn by the Atlantic Ocean & delightful except for the mosquitoes!
While there we visited an arboretum, a wildlife animal refuge and a 70m high waterfall.  It was lovely to have time to visit and enjoy one another's company.

At the end of June, our two candidates, Pascaline and Susie and I will participate in a five day diocesan vocation camp held at a nearby Catholic boarding school.  The program offers formation sessions and gives young people an opportunity to get to know different congregations. 

Thank you for your continued prayerful and moral support. Know I count on it and pray for you and your intentions.


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