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News from Visitation Province

Visitation Province

Greetings to Everyone in This Month of All Saints

As we begin a new month, let’s remember that not all saints are canonized. We are connecting with saints every day, so let us celebrate the saints within us and all around us.

We also remember all those veterans who gave their lives so that we can live a life of freedom.

Community Visitations

Sister Nancy, Pat, Teresa McKerral and Mary Fiorintino have visited all the communities to share the report from the Assembly in Toronto in August.

Pat and Sister Nancy have travelled to meet with most of the associates who in outlying areas and not able to gather as a community.

Thank you all for your hospitality which made all the visitations special.

Just a reminder to reserve the weekend of May 13—May 16, 2016 for our annual gathering at Immaculate Heart Retreat House in Cache Creek. We hope to see as many as possible there. Our presenter is Sr. Patricia Simpson.

Meet the Co-ordinators in Visitation Province

Periodically, you receive information from other parts of Visitation Province, and we-would like to introduce you to the other co-ordinators , so you have a face to go with a name.

Visitation East (Maritime Provinces)

Marjorie Allison Ross

Anna Rowley

Visitation Central (Ontario And Quebec)

Diane Foley (Left) and Karen Volpe (Right)


Co-Ordinators of Associate Relationship (World CND community)

Ann Gotfryd (left) and Adele Mercier (right) 

News from Central office of associate relationship

The responses you gave to the question

“In light of the needs of the world today and our present reality where is God calling Congregation of Notre Dame associates into the future?”

have been joined with those from the rest of Visitation Province and sent as a letter to the Central Office of Associate Relationship. Each province has collected answers to the same questions and sent their letters. These letters will be translated and sent to all Congregation of Notre Dame associates in January. Once again, thank you for your responses.

Earlier this year a virus attacked a number of mature trees at the mother house and they needed to be removed. A replacement tree has been planted in the name of the Congregation of Notre Dame associates to honour the 35th anniversary of Associate Relationship. A plaque noting this will be placed in front of the tree.

35th Anniversary of Associate Relationship

2016 marks the 35th anniversary of Associate Relationship in the Congregation de Notre Dame. A committee has been formed and is looking at organizing a pilgrimage to follow in the footsteps of Marguerite in Montreal.

“Rooted in Jesus Christ Let Us Cultivate Love and Compassion”

Process for Associate Participation in General Chapter 2016

The General Chapter, held every five years, this year from August 11 – 30, 2016 in Cornwall Ontario, is the highest governing body of the Congregation of Notre Dame. Decisions made at the General Chapter in fidelity to the fundamental inspiration of Marguerite Bourgeoys, guide the mission of the Congregation during the years between General Chapters.

Between August 11 and August 17, 2016 eight associates from around the world will be included as participants in the General Chapter, and Visitation Province is invited to choose one participant and two alternates. The travel expenses and accommodation of the associate participants will be fully covered.

Below are the criteria for eligibility to be used for the selection of the Associate participant.

The associate participant must:

Have a minimum of 3 years’ experience as an associate

Participate actively in Associate Relationship.

Have attended the Summer Assembly in July of 2015 in preparation for the General Chapter. This mirrors the criteria for selection of delegates from the sisters because the delegates and participants are taking the spirit and direction from the previous assembly to the general chapter.

Be willing and able to bring the message back to Visitation Province associates.

Be able to:

Listen and articulate clearly their thinking and opinions on the subjects being discussed

Be flexible, open to change and to the future;

Be aware of the strengths and needs of their respective areas;

Be open to differences of culture and language.

Be physically able to participate in all sessions at the Chapter

The Selection Process for the Participant and Alternates will be:

Visitation Province is calling forth, in spirit of prayer and reflection, associates who are eligible and interested in becoming participants. The following passages may be helpful as you prayerfully reflect on your response:

I compare this community to a square in a large garden…Ours, as small as it is does not fail to be one of those little squares that the gardener has kept for himself to set out a number of plants and flowers…(Writings of Marguerite Bourgeoys, p. 63)

Ephesians 3:14-21

Luke 1: 39 - 56

By Dec 15, 2015, eligible associates who wish to be considered as participants or alternates are asked to submit their names to Associate Coordinator Karen Volpe along with a brief statement of what moves them to let their name stand. Karen will share this information with the other co-coordinators, candidates and Sister Nina, the liaison with the Provincial Leadership Team.

In the New Year, in collaboration with the Provincial leadership team, those whose names which have been submitted will take part in a facilitated discernment process to select one participant and two alternates. Due to our extensive geography, this will most likely take place with the help of Skype or similar technology. 


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