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In the news: NASA Nun!

Libby Osgood

This last week was one that required stretching and growth for sure. Some of the sisters previously inquired about presenting my story to media, but I resisted until I was 'out' officially to Facebook and the world. That took from Oct 2015 until July 2017 to be ready. I guess I am more conservative and discerning than the impulsive person I thought myself to be. 

A friend who works for CBC had mentioned doing an article a few times before, and I finally contacted her, expecting to be a 30 second interesting anecdote... But no! It turns out the engineer/science angle is more interesting than I realized.

The experience was so cool! Matt Rainey of CBC PEI's “Island Morning” met me in the lobby with a great big authentic smile, a familiar voice, and a beard that really threw me off (compared to his typically clean shaven appearance on ads for the show). We went back to the studio and started chatting right away. He came armed with my Facebook post, and some really interesting questions about the intersection of science and faith – not what I was expecting. I thought it would be NASA talk, then we would briefly touch on the nun thing.

What's blown my mind is the response. In 3 days, there were over 600 shares of the article. It astounds me that 600 people read it, let alone shared it. Matt's questions were the exact ones I would hope to answer. He asked what to tell people who have an image of God in the clouds (since satellites have gone beyond where we thought heaven was), about the different creation stories compared to evolution, my days working on a NASA satellite and launch, what's coming ahead, and I was pleasantly surprised – what drew me to the sisters. I really felt like I was the only one who was a religious engineer, so I needed to hide it, and if we remove our preconceived constraints, who knows what amazing things we can try! Additionally, my personal connections have deepened with friends coworkers and even strangers reaching out who felt similarly, so we are never really alone in our struggles if we are bold enough to share them.

This NASA nun is done for now! (Also I really dislike that tag – I am neither – I am training to be a religious sister and I worked for a company that built satellites for NASA. Never NASA directly nor am I a nun. But that alliteration is just too enticing!).

You can see the article here:

And listen to the podcast (for a few weeks anyway):


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