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Notre-Dame-des-Apôtres Region New Leadership Team

Magnificat! The CND sisters of the Notre-Dame-des-Apôtres Region have elected their new Leadership Team for the next 4 years. From left to right, they are: Sister Mekoulou Lucie (Associate to the Regional Leader), Sister Ngo Ngok Angèle (Regional Leader), Sister Daïdouwé Jeanette (Councilor), Sister Ngo Nken Agnès (Councilor).

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Recognition Award

Each year at the Annual General meeting of the Board of Directors of Becoming Neighbours, the Margaret Myatt Recognition Award is presented to an individual or group who has made a long-standing contribution to Becoming Neighbours. This year (April 19th, 2022) our Sr. Mary Jane Leonard, CND of Presentation Manor, was selected as one of the three to receive this award. Special mention was given to the “Boutique” that Mary Jane and Frances Brady, OLM operate. This ‘new to you’ opportunity honours the environment through the recycling and exchange of gently used household items, clothing, shoes, etc. In addition, the boutique assists many who are financially challenged, as well as being a place for community and sharing. We also thank Mary Jane for accepting to serve as the CND representative on the Board of Directors of Presentation Manor.

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A poem composed by Sister Mary Eileen Scott toward the end of the Second World War and published in AMERICA on May 12, 1945. It seems very relevant more than 75 years later…

Our lady walks the desolated lands

To save them from the conquest of despair;

Her eyes are deep with comfort, and her hands

Are eloquent of prayer.


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The Jewel

At the edge of a galaxy

     called the Milky Way,

is a minuscule solar system.

Within what seems its vastness

a small sphere rotates, revolves--

formed from rock and metal,

adorned with life,

bathed with water,

protected with a soft cocoon of air

our home, our Earth.

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News from Visitation Province

A Special Birthday Celebration in Sydney

Thursday, April 7th was a special day at the CND Health Center. We celebrated the 100th birthday of Sr. Mary Cecilia MacDonald. She was joined by sisters and family members. Many well-deserved accolades came her way. She even took to the floor for a few dances. We are so blessed to have her with us and to be able to celebrate Mary Cecilia.

Arlene Rutledge, Coordinator

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Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you, Lord, for nature that is so beautiful

and thank you for the people who take care of it.

Thank you, Lord, for health that is so important

and thank you for the people who take care of it.

Thank you, Lord, for the ability to pray to you

and thank you for the people devoted to prayer.

Thank you for everything that comes from you.

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Prayer to Find Joy

Lord God, give me joy.

Allow me to find it where it is:

in the song of a bird seen from my window,

in a flower that shows the tip of its nose,

in the smile of a child led away by his or her mother,

in all that lives and, above all,

in prayer where I hear you speak to me.

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News from Visitation province

Listening to Indigenous Voices 8-Day Retreat at Loyola House, Guelph, ON. May 18th at 7:30 pm - May 26th at 1:00 pm EDT

Facilitated by Shasha Sky & Dave Skene from White Owl Native Ancestry Assoc. &Victoria Blanco, Mark Hathaway, & Trevor Scott, SJ from the Jesuit Forum Working with the Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice and Indigenous knowledge keepers, Loyola House seeks to contribute to the enactment of this recommendation through an eight-day retreat, Listening to Indigenous Voices. Based on a model of spiritual conversations, retreatants will explore the diverse Indigenous cultures of this land, unlearn stereotypes and misconceptions, explore the history of colonization that has marked relationships between Settlers and Indigenous Peoples, and seek ways to address that painful legacy by seeking concrete pathways towards right relationships, decolonization, and re-indigenization.

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We are each,

according to Plato

a spark of divine madness.

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Visits During the Month of March with Christa

Here are some pictures of some visits that Christa and I made in March! The joy of visitation! Christa continues her internship at Resilience and she also appreciates being able to go to the Mother House (which is located close to her place of internship), to talk with the sisters and celebrate the Eucharist with them! A grace! She is really very grateful for all the welcome we give her! Magnificat! The last weekend of March was particularly imbued with this joy of the Visitation!

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News from the Canadian CND Vocation Committee

On behalf of the Canadian CND Vocation Committee, I have some news to share with you.

With a few young people who participated with us in various activities (Zoom and See Retreat/Retraite “Zoom et vois,” Stir/Remuer), we have considered and imagined two synodal meetings to hold with young adults. Our goal? To give the opportunity to young adults to share on synodal questions and get their reflections and voices to Rome!

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The Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ – Palm Sunday

I have all kinds of fuzzy thoughts in my heart as I write this reflection, the miles may have separated us but very close to my heart are the beautiful memories we created when we lived “visitation.” I am Winnie, and was welcomed into Associate Relationship with the New Victoria Group since May 31, 2000.

Palm Sunday recalls an event in the Christian Scripture (The New Testament) of Jesus entering into Jerusalem and being greeted by the people waving palm branches. For Christians, it is a reminder of the welcoming of Jesus into our hearts and of our willingness to follow him.

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Be Kind!

The word of the slap spread faster than a wildfire. You didn’t even have to watch the Oscars to see it. It was repeatedly shown and viewed on all forms of social media. Unfortunately, violent language and behavior has become part and parcel of life, from reality to fiction to children’s cartoons.

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News from Visitation Province

A Special Visit

Last Sunday afternoon, we were graced by a special visit with Sister Yoko Ikeda, a member of the congregational leadership team and Sister Akiko Usui who made her final vows two years ago. Sister Akiko arrived in Montreal on March 17th and in a few days will be heading to Charlottetown, PEI, to share life and ministry with Sister Sue Kidd and the Sisters of the Congregation on the Island.

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Reflection For The Fifth Sunday Of Lent (C) The Mercy Of God – The Beating Heart Of The Gospel

My mother died rather suddenly and expectedly on March 8. At her wake, there was a young woman in her early 30s who came to pay her respects. She actually came to the wake twice and seemed to be quite broken-hearted. I knew vaguely who she was but wondered why she seemed almost inconsolable. She told me how Mum had shown her such kindness and how she was so grateful. I sensed she had a story to tell but being overcome with grief, it did not come. When she left, I inquired of a cousin why she might be so broken up by Mum’s death. She explained that this young woman had fallen in with the wrong crowd and gotten herself into drugs, possibly prostitution, run afoul of the law and ended up losing her children. She was sentenced to do community service and Mum, being a leader in her local parish and believing everyone deserved a second chance, found her some odd jobs to do to serve her sentence. 

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News from Blessed Sacrament Province

On Saturday, March 26, Karen, a Congregation of Notre-Dame friend, and Associates Ann, Kate and Susan attended a vigil that was held at the Rhode Island State House - "Rhode Island STAND WITH UKRAINE". Multiple sponsors and partners organized this vigil asking for Russian President Vladimir Putin to lay down arms and to give Ukrainians a voice. Donations were made to UNICEF's Ukrainian children's fund.

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General Conference: February 21 to 25, 2022

General Conference is an experience of deep communion, where representatives of all Congregation de Notre-Dame provinces and regions join the Congregation Leadership Team in several days of prayer, reflection and conversation concerning the mission of the Congregation as a whole, global reality. Each General Conference meeting is distinct in the areas of our life and mission that we contemplatively review and discuss.

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News from Visitation Province

World Water Day at Andrews of Charlottetown

Development and Peace - Caritas Canada is the official development organization of our Canadian Catholic Church. D&P aims to educate Canadians about the causes of poverty and injustice, and to call us to act to bring about change.

D&P self-describes as a “democratic movement for international solidarity that supports partners in the Global South in the pursuit of alternatives to unjust social, political and economic structures.”

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Where Do I Go?

My immediate reaction when I cut myself

is to look for a bandage.

The bandage does not heal the wound

it only covers it up.

Any cut is painful, takes time to heal

and may leave a scar.

Maria Shriver writes in the Sunday Paper:

"So many of us are in pain.  We are in pain from

things we rarely talk about.  We are in pain from

experiences we don't even have the courage

to share.  We are in pain over issues close at home,

as well as those we are witnessing in a world away"

Where or to whom do I turn to in my pain?


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Easter Tridiuum at Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel

Palm Sunday – Sunday, April 10 at 10:30 a.m. Palms will be blessed in the Chapel entrance before the celebration. (Suggested contribution of $2)

Holy Thursday – Thursday, April 14 at 4 p.m. Mass of the Last Supper followed by the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Good Friday – Friday, April 15 at 3 p.m. Celebration of the Lord’s Passion.

Holy Saturday – Saturday, April 16 at 7 p.m. Easter Vigil.

Easter Sunday – Sunday, April 17 at 10:30 a.m. Easter Mass.

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