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Bringing Chapter Home

A small but mighty group gathered in Fredericton on Saturday, April 7. An April snowstorm (yes, really!) kept most of our out-of-town associates away from our gathering led by Sister Maureen MacIsaac. This was our first visit from Sister Maureen, who enjoyed welcoming a former Sydney associate among us; Eleanor MacDonald joined us, with her daughter Nancy. Pictured above: (back row) Eleanor MacDonald, Carole Dillworth, Marilyn Rowan, Sister Eleanor, Geraldine Gordon- a Miramichi member, Edith Corbett, Nancy MacKay and Sister Karen. Front row: Sister Maureen, Merla Spires and Marjorie Allison- Ross. We enjoyed our sharing time together and later moved to the dining-room (Fredericton Inn) for lunch and animated social time – new people with our “regulars.” We are grateful to Maureen, our visiting facilitator, and to Karen, for technology.

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Welcoming Sister Motoko, CND, in New York City

Sr. Motoko Takahashi is now living with us at St. Jean Baptiste in New York.

Back row: Ann Conlon, Motoko, Mary Caplice –

Seated: Ann Marie Levangie, Rosemary Cianciolo,

Alla Anne Boyle  

photographer – Maria Cassano

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Regional Chapter 2018, Notre-Dame-des-Apôtres, Cameroon

Our Regional Chapter began with a beautiful Eucharistic celebration led by the members of the liturgical committee. Through songs of different languages and colors, we lived a multilingual and intercultural experience, an image of the diversity of the members of our Region.

In her word of welcome, Sr. Minkada Brigitte introduced Father Armand Fessi celebrant of our beautiful Eucharistic celebration and animator of the two retreat days which will begin our Chapter. He is a man of experience both in religious life and in the life of the church.

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Movie: The Leisure Seeker

This movie is not receiving great reviews, in spite of its star performers. It is funny, great one-liners exchanged between the aging still-in-love couple. We see the truly total dedication required in care-giving with someone going through ever-deepening memory loss. In discussing the film with reviewers, the actors point out that respect for the person, the whole person, can be difficult to keep uppermost in everyday life. I liked the way Helen’s character kept working at this for her husband. Their relationship appeared genuine – happy at times, persistent in showing their love for each other, and trying at times, while they struggled to cope.

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Sister Mary Jane Leonard, CND, receives award for contribution as volunteer

In a special award ceremony held at the Arcadian Court in downtown Toronto on Monday, March 26, 2018, our Sister Mary Jane Leonard received acknowledgment and recognition of her 20 years as a volunteer in the palliative care unit at St Michael’s hospital in Toronto. The inspiring award ceremony, ‘in the heart of the community,’ sponsored by the Province of Ontario, honoured many volunteers in a wide variety of social service organizations with a symbolic customized trillium pin and personalized certificate. This remarkable and diverse group of intergenerational volunteers have given invaluable support to social, religious, educational, health, cultural, historical, intercultural and interfaith concerns. The room held an incredible 2700 years of volunteer service in the centre of the city! Volunteers had their picture taken with MPP Han Dong of the Trinity-Spadina riding. Congratulations Mary Jane, we are so proud of your journey to this very significant periphery!

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Earth Hour

Earth Hour was Saturday, March 24. Reports this week indicate that Canada’s participation in some cities was lower this year than usual. Maybe some of us forgot this year about the challenge from World Wildlife Fund to do without electric lights for an hour? The call went out and it did happen. At 8:30 p.m., lights were switched off; porch lights, as well as landmarks, went dark in observance of Earth Hour, a global call for international unity on the importance of addressing climate change. Since beginning in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour has been honoured in some 180 countries. It has never been more urgent than now to recognize and address climate change.

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A Nun’s Life Ministry visit to the Congrégation de Notre-Dame

A Nun’s Life Ministry visits the Congrégation de Notre-Dame on a Motherhouse Road Trip, Wednesday, April 18, 2018, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island—Canada. The road trip combines social media and in-person events in innovative ways to engage with people about God, faith, and religious life. 

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AN EASTER STORY (based on John 20:1-18)

“I have seen the Lord.”

Yes, those are the words I said to Peter and the others. I am not sure they believed me. It probably would have been more appropriate if Jesus had revealed himself to the one chosen by him to be the “Rock” or to his best friend, John. It is not every day that someone rises from the dead. And sometimes our eyes deceive us.

But let me go back to the beginning to help you understand.

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St. Gregory the Great Taize prayers to be telecast during Holy week

SHALOM WORLD, a global network whose mission is evangelization, contacted St. Gregory the Great and asked to record one of our monthly Taize prayers. In addition to the music it also features the icons of Joseph Malham, our iconographer-in-residence. We were told it would be telecast during Holy Week. If you are interested in listening the website is: www.shalomworld.org

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Thank you, Dr. King

The rain was torrential. The sanitation worker was in the yard standing near his truck, waiting to begin his route. In an attempt to get out of the downpour, he jumped into the back of the truck, since going inside the building was not an option. It was Memphis, Tennessee and the sanitation worker was black, thus barred from the terminal reserved for the white workers. Without knowing anyone was in the back of the truck, another worker pushed the button to activate the closing and locking of the back of the truck. Even though it was empty the locking automatically caused the crushing mechanism inside to start. The black worker was crushed to death in minutes.

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Celebrating Marguerite and the Earth

Holy Angel’s, Sydney

Submitted by Theresa Ann MacNeil

Our group had a lovely Associate meeting on February 18 at Sr. Theresa’s apartment.

Sr. Mary Corbett presented a video, “Laudato Si ... A Canadian Response”. This video’s focus was on the Care of our Common Home. As children of God we have a responsibility to care for all of creation and to protect the Earth for the future generations. Through programs such as "Give It Up For The Earth" we become educated and aware of our responsibility to keep God’s creation from being destroyed by ignorance and human error.

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News from Visitation Province (Canada)

Welcome Home Debbie!!

On behalf of the sisters in Visitation Province, we extend a warm homecoming to you, Debbie.

We hope that these past three months of exploring ministry in Sierra Leone proved to be inspirational, as well as a time of deepening God’s call. We were deeply touched by your monthly updates describing the struggle and beauty in Sierra Leone.

We ask God and St. Marguerite to bless you and your next courageous steps in response to this call.

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Birthdays and gatherings!

Kingston Celebrates: March is a special month for the Sisters of Kingston. We celebrate five birthdays, St. Patrick’s Day and the feast of St. Joseph. Beginning on March 16th a number of the sisters met at 25 Mackenzie to anticipate St. Patrick’s Day and the birthday of our own Sr. Pat Arsenault. The following day on March 17th we gathered at the Providence Motherhouse to celebrate all things Irish plus Sisters Grace Martin, Emily Doherty, Ruth Penny, Josephine Nestman and Pat Arsenault. It was a glorious gathering, as everyone went green and participated in songs, jokes, cake and a touch of the “creature”. March 19th we came together again with the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph to celebrate their paternal feast day with a lovely prayer and festive supper. Now we are settling down to complete our Lent.

Marijke Gerretsen, CND

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News from Blessed Sacrament Province

From Our Leadership Team

We are very happy to welcome Sister Motoko Takahashi from Maria Province. She will arrive in New York on April 4 and begin a year of English study soon after, while living at St. Jean’s. Yoku irasshaimase, Motoko –san!

ASSOCIATE NEWS – Sr. Joan Mahoney & Donna Wuhrer

CORE Committee Meeting March 2-4, Wilton, CT:

The Associate CORE Committee met to continue the work of the Strategic Plan that was approved at the October 20-22, 2017 Assembly. Because it snowed, videoconferencing enabled us all to meet. Sr. Ann Perrin listened to our discussions and gave us valuable feedback. Sr. Mary Anne Foley, Associate to the Provincial Leader and Liaison to Associate Relationship, joined us on Sunday.

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Lenten Reflection for March 18, 2018

I am Alicia, an Associate from the Kankakee, Illinois area, which is about 60 miles south of Chicago. This area is rich in Congregation de Notre-Dame history, beginning with the first CND mission outside of Canada in 1860. I first met the CND sisters at Bishop McNamara High School, where I graduated in 1970. On May 5th, I will celebrate my 5-year anniversary as an Associate.

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Closing the Villa Maria College Music School

Villa Maria College recently announced that its private music school will close at the end of this school year. Les Sœurs de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame, founders of the high school, acknowledge the quality of the analysis performed by Villa Maria’s administration for the purposes of decision-making leading up to this announcement. They support the decision and have every confidence in the school’s director, Ms. Marie-Anna Bacchi, who also has the support of the college’s board of directors for the sound management of the school. The field of education is constantly evolving in order to better meet society’s changing realities. Since the 19th century, Villa Maria’s academic curriculum has always known how to adapt in order to fulfill the needs of the students, their parents and the teaching staff. Some decisions are difficult to make: change always involves taking a step into the unknown. Villa Maria continues to advance with confidence and to believe in the potential of its young students. It is for them that we must innovate and explore new avenues.

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Area Gathering – CND Health Care Centre

It was a refreshing site at our CND Health Care Centre on the morning of March 2nd to experience the sisters enthusiasm at “their” meeting with Sisters Eileen McQuaid and Catherine Walker as they helped to bring the Chapter process home.

I also had the privilege of being there to witness their joy on receiving the “Good News.” It was as if they savoured every moment as they sat in the prayer room and listened attentively. What surprised me most was their prompt response to the question of how they too have gone, and still go to the “peripheries” along with their pain, suffering, loneliness and visible diminishment. Sr. Frances Beaton told us the story of her going to the Correctional Center on a regular basis after her retirement to teach several young men in preparation for their High School Equivalency Certificates. How proud she was of “my dear boys.” Sr. Catherine MacPhee (presently making plans for the celebration of her 103rd Birthday) spoke of her dominant gift to her pupils… loving each one and attempting to follow many of them throughout a lifetime. In her absolute stark blindness, she continues to help us to see. Those sisters who cannot speak, continue to be powerful examples of “How Then Shall We Live…”

We left the meeting feeling that their pain is surely our greatest source of strength as we journey together.

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News from Visitation Province (Canada)

Bringing Chapter Home 

On Friday, March 2nd, the Area Gathering was held at Parkland Cape Breton, for sisters and associates. The purpose of the meeting was "to bring the Chapter home" and the presenters did reach their goal.

Sister Eileen McQuaid and Sister Catherine Walker, members of the leadership team facilitated the meeting. Sister Gwen O'Neil and Diane MacAskill, associate, captured the spirit of the Chapter with a very thorough overview, that included the serious and the fun times. Monica Lambton, Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) coordinator for Visitation Province, challenged us to discover ways that we could make "the cry of the periphery" reach its full meaning in our daily lives. Although we were encouraged to think outside the box and definitely outside our comfort zone, the sharing proved to be most beneficial. The meeting was brought to a close with the singing of our theme song "How Then Shall We Live."

Helen Aboud, CND

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St. Patrick: capable and ready "to care, to suffer, to die and to feel"

Photo credit: Nheyob

Walter Brueggermann, a scripture scholar, has done extensive work on the study of prophets in the scripture. Connecting passion with prophecy he claims “the possibility of passion is a primary prophetic agenda” and explains further that passion is “the capacity and readiness to care, to suffer, to die and to feel.”

This month we celebrate the feast of a saint who expressed his baptismal call to be prophet in his passionate zeal to bring the living word of God to the Irish people. Patrick, a native of Roman Britain, was brought to Ireland as a sixteen year old slave in the year 400. Patrick was born a Christian. His father was a deacon and his grandfather a priest. (It was only in the 11th century that celibacy became a requirement for priesthood.)

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News from Visitation Province (Canada)

Ottawa Area Gathering 

On February 26th, the Ottawa sisters and associates gathered for a contemplative afternoon of prayer, input and sharing on the Chapter Orientation.  Sisters Becky McKenna, Eileen McQuaid and JPIC Coordinator, Monica Lambton, facilitated the afternoon and encouraged us to gift ourselves with a word or insight which might emerge from the afternoon's experience. Sisters Louise Dunn and Bernie O'Neill shared highlights of their experiences at last summer's Chapter. In terms of peripheries we were asked to ponder where those have been for us, where they are now, and where they might next be. Each of us was asked to note a concrete action we could take. We pondered the door image and were encouraged to be attentive to how that image and other images which emerge may be speaking to us.

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