Visitation Day!

On Wednesday evening, May 31, CND Sisters and Associates in Fredericton met at St. Dunstan's Church. At the 6:30 parish mass, the Sisters renewed their vows and Associates renewed their commitment. After Mass, the Group made a "visitation" to a local celebration spot to continue the feast day.

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World Environment Day, June 5, 2017

It’s a great day to make time to reflect on the natural world, to connect in some way with nature and nature’s wonders. “Connecting People to Nature” is the theme for World Environment Day 2017. Begun in 1972, World Environment Day is a huge annual opportunity for positive environmental action. This year’s host country Canada chose the theme and will be at the centre of celebrations around the planet. Schools, governments, businesses, scientists and citizens are organizing events to inspire us to appreciate our dependence on the natural world and fire up our desire to protect it. How long since you let your bare feet touch the earth? How recently have your senses enjoyed the fresh fragrances in the natural world? When have you heard bird songs or identified butterflies? Connect!

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As we celebrate the feast of Pentecost, let us remember...

"The Holy Spirit is the living God, not some inert concept. The community has to trust the Holy Spirit in every decision and believe strongly that the Spirit continues to be present in the community and at work in it. The Spirit will not permit our community to grope about to darkness, if only we are willing to take the Spirit's teachings seriously..." Dietrich Bonhoeffer 

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Marguerite Bourgeoys

We are dedicated to our mission of liberating education
through prayer, work and community.
We follow Jesus, the Light
of the world.

Sisters Silvia Leticia Corea Sagastume, CND and Minkada Onana Brigitte, CND (CND photo, 2013)


Our Mission

Associate Relationship

Women and men committed to their baptismal call to live Jesus' mission of service, through justice, love and compassion in today's world.

As partners, sisters and associates, faithful to their personal vocation, commit themselves to proclaim by their entire life, the Good News of a God of Love.

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Sister Elizabeth King, CND, and Ms Yolande Cormier, associate, walking along the shore during an Associate Relationship meeting in Pensacola, Florida, USA
(Photo Sister Marilyn Doucette, CND, 2009)


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