The Story of Our Marguerite Feast in Montreal

In late November, COVID numbers were pretty stable in Montreal. Plans were underway at Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel to have two feast day celebrations – one in English, the other in French. We seized on this opportunity and were interfacing with the chapel team to include our Associate Relationship 40th anniversary celebrations and the welcoming of our new associates. What venue would be more fitting than Marguerite Bourgeoys’s Chapel, right?

The plan was set (a schola was recruited, readers, intercessions written, etc.). Just before Christmas, Omicron arrived, and daily cases went from about 600 to 16,000 overwhelming testing capacity. The government declared a shutdown, including churches, as of New Year’s Eve. So, we decided to take the whole celebration online. The result that you might have witnessed on January 15 on Zoom exceeded our wildest expectations. Not only was it dignified, prayerful, and intimate, it also allowed us to add many leaves to the eucharistic table, to bring so many of you who would most certainly not have been present had it been in-person. For that we are wonderfully grateful.

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NB Associates celebrated the Feast of St. Marguerite

Woodstock, NB Associates celebrated the Feast of St. Marguerite on the feast day by gathering at St. Gertrude’s Parish Centre, following COVID protocols. 40th Anniversary activities, CND Orientation for 2021- 2026 and the process for the Future of Associate Relationship were discussed. We prepared a Bulletin insert and created an exhibit to inform parishioners about Marguerite, CND and Associate Relationship.

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New Social Justice Co-Coordinator for Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Region

I am pleased to announce the nomination of Sister Ligia Elizabeth Molina Sevilla as Social Justice Co-Coordinator in her region. Together with Sister Silvia Leticia Corea Sagastume, she will coordinate the social justice activities of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Region. Ligia, we welcome you to the network and are delighted to be able to work with a dispenser of justice of your calibre

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by our foundress,

Marguerite Bourgeoys

We are dedicated to our mission of liberating education
through prayer, work and community.
We follow Jesus, the Light
of the world.

Sisters Silvia Leticia Corea Sagastume, CND and Minkada Onana Brigitte, CND (CND photo, 2013)


Our Mission

Associate Relationship

Women and men committed to their baptismal call to live Jesus' mission of service, through justice, love and compassion in today's world.

As partners, sisters and associates, faithful to their personal vocation, commit themselves to proclaim by their entire life, the Good News of a God of Love.

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Sister Elizabeth King, CND, and Ms Yolande Cormier, associate, walking along the shore during an Associate Relationship meeting in Pensacola, Florida, USA
(Photo Sister Marilyn Doucette, CND, 2009)


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